Military Specification Laser Tag Gaming In the Midlands & Surrey. Play Call Of Duty/Battlefield/Rainbow 6 style games for real.. KD Ratios, weapon upgrades and immersive gameplay.|


Tactical CQTS Red Dot Sight

Smart Mag Technology

Muzzle Flash & Full Recoil

Range Of 250 metres

Welcome to the official iCombat UK Website.

iCombat UK brings state of the art laser tag gaming using military grade equipment in some amazing venues across the UK.

Instead of sitting at home playing console games like ‘Call Of Duty’,’Battlefield’ or Rainbow 6 iCombat allows to to pick up the latest tech and experience game play that puts you in control of your experience.

Be it an all out attack or playing a lone wolf you can pit yourself against other players but not from your chair at home but in live environment, featuring full recoil, magazine changes and mission objectives allowing  you to test your skills away from the arm chair.

iCombat UK is rolling out across the UK with events like the official Walking Dead Apocalypse events  starting in July/August 2016, and soon to open a Rainbow 6 style venue featuring CQB missions.

Get off that couch and into the game…


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So what is this all about?.

Remember Laser Tag of days gone by?  well it’s evolved into the latest gaming craze.

No longer do you need to wear protective gear to have a fun day out.

This is the latest gaming tech on the market as trusted for training by military & law enforcement organizations.

How do it get involved?

There are many venues in the United States already using this system, even to the point of running interstate tournaments. We are not like paintball, we have limited spaces available per session this allows the games to be more immersive and allows you to get more out of your day than just expensive paint and a burger.

  • Our technology gets gamers out of the arm chair and into the game. At last a gaming system that can keep you fit!
  • Completely Eye safe…  no longer do you have to peer through safety glasses.
  • A range of dates at venues across the Midlands, an more venues coming online in 2016.
  • Remember Laser Tag?  Well now we have MSLT (Military Spec Laser Tag) as used by both military & law enforcement.
  • Complete with rankings* and live score updates at end of game, let see your true kill to death ratio

“Amazing day yesterday with the ICombatUK team, would recommend this to anybody. Quality games from start to finish especially the terminator game for the thrill and excitement. Again quality day!!”
– Tom Edge

“Loved the fact that the headbands were linked to the guns, stops any possibility of someone that’s dead running around trying to shoot other players. Loved the realistic feel of the guns. Respawn points were a great”
– Dan Stain

“Icombat is one of a kind intense day from start to finish never a dull or boring moment Glen and Lee did a fantastic job and I’m going to be returning in the 10th April to do it all again see you soon boys for another awesome day.”– Keith Box

“Went along too Dana, fantastic venue, thank you Glen & Lee for ensuring that we had the best experience. I would highly recommend this to everyone. I will be doing this again and again.”
– Glenn Colegate


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Lets help you get fit!

Forget the Gym, why not join us and pace yourself through the day.. We dont expect you to be a marathon runner but playing iCombat will certainly get your heart pumping.