Welcome to iCombat UK,   we are a UK business based in Mansfield Nottinghamshire who regulary hold events around the country featuring the latest laser tag technology in immersive gaming aimed at moving gamers off the couch and really into the game.

Our staff have many years in the paintball and airsoft leisure industry and have spent many years testing various systems both in the UK and worldwide.    After many years we finally found and implemented the iCombat system which has been used in the US for many years for military and law enforcement training and now we use the same system for our live action gaming in some great venues like an old nuclear bunker and an HM Prison.

We have several events every month which you can come down and get involved and over the coming months more and more specialised events like Milsim days and even combat zombie where you have to find your way past a horde of zombies while only being issued limited ammo…   And yes only headshots count…

Check out our Calendar for our next event and if you want a taster keep your eyes out for our hourly games at a cost of £20 an hour,   instead of  spending £10 for 30 mins for normal laser tag get yourself along to an more mature 21st century laser tag activity.

Theres Nothing Like a 850ft Head Shot!

Our aim is to bridge the gap between online gaming and actually seeing how good you are in battle. You also get a good workout and make some new friends.

  • Fast and furious gameplay and accountability.
  • Excellent cardio workout, while being fun…  Go figure!
  • Value for money,  on average normal laser tag is £5 for 15mins..
  • Experience iCombat MSLT for £2.91 for 15mins based on  a full 6 hours of gaming per event.

Equipment Realism


Form and Weight


Anti-Cheat Capability


Health & Safety


Value For Money



We come from paintball and airsoft backgrounds but  over time like many others  we felt there was alway something lacking.  Be it the expensive paintballs, the over run game days with hundreds on site and little or no actual gameplay..

As avid players one thing that comes up all the time is the honour system, paint unfortunately can be wiped off and bb’s that are used with airsoft can be “ignored” by players being shot hence really bringing down the tone of the day..

With the iCombat system when you are shot your system is temporarily shut down, it doesnt stop there.. don’t worry theres no cheesy electronic voice saying “system offline” etc it simply disables your equipment.

Nomally at this point during a painball game or airsoft you will find yourself walking to the safe zone or as you will see having to be escorted there by a marshall.    Marshalls are there to keep the game flowing and remove players if they have been hit.

At iCombat games can last 20mins and upto an hour, in some extreme case the game lasts all day or even spans days.   How?  well simple, we use Respawn areas away from the main areas of gameplay or even implement Medics who are players who can get you back into the game by simply getting within touching distance.     This makes games flow very easy and if you are shot dont worry… a few minutes later  if you have good team tactics you will be back in attacking the enemy.

  • No ‘Lego’ Systems for us.
  • Wireless and intelligent
  • Full recoil and mag changes
  • Realistic Equipment
  • Medic! Medic!
  • Other players can revive you
  • Un/Limited medic modes
  • Respawn areas
  • Only headshots count
  • Players health is drained
  • Keep your distance
  • Realistic live action
  • Milsim gameplay
  • Optional extras
  • Tactical vest supplied
  • Red Dot Scopes
  • Oh and lunch!


Our next game is due soon, if you are on the fence whether or not to attend ask any question on our Facebook page.. we are sure you will like other be back for more. Remember there are limited spaces available.

08/04/17 | KIDDERMINSTER £70.00

Management & Marshalls

Guy Sygrove
Guy SygroveMD Owner
The brains behind the operation. Was touted as the lead replacement after Zayn Malik exited from 1 Direction.
Tony Sygrove
Tony SygroveDirector
Enjoys picking fights with young teenagers, and will put a knife through the ball if it comes over the fence again.
Glen Savory
Glen SavoryLead Marshall
Numero uno, will get you to your objective. you may be half dead and passing out but you will get there.
Lee Savory
Lee SavoryLead Marshall
Craves tea and biscuits, legend in his own mind. Claim to fame danced on stage with the Prodigy in the 90’s
Gazz Dines
Gazz DinesMarshall
Loves mud, second world war re-enactments and has a fully working forge in his garden?
Chelsie Phillips
Chelsie PhillipsMarshall
Keeps “checking in” to Cosmo Wolverhampton, has a habit of scoring the most kills between all of the other marshalls.
Jason Bird
Jason BirdMarshall
Enjoys long strolls on the beach, and has a fixation with camo paint being exactly right for the op..
Could Be You!
Could Be You!Support Staff
Looking to join the team, if you are looking to get involved and help out get in touch.

Come as customers, stay as family.

We see a lot of repeat business and our customers become part of the iCombat Family. We reward with special offers for members including member only events.