Military Specification Laser Tag Gaming In the Midlands & Surrey. Play Call Of Duty/Battlefield/Rainbow 6 style games for real.. KD Ratios, weapon upgrades and immersive gameplay.|

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irSMG Generation 3 Laser Tag System

By |November 18th, 2016|tech|

iCOMBAT has long been known for their incredible laser tag equipment. Since its start in 2005 iCOMBAT has set out to bring businesses and individuals [...]

Coming Soon New irGrenade’s

By |November 18th, 2016|tech|

Roughly the size of a can of pop, the all new IR Grenade is small but delivers in a big way! The IR Grenade is [...]

The Walking Dead Apocalypse events come to a close

By |August 8th, 2016|Events, Players, Venues|

The Walking Dead Apocalypse events in the UK at Surrey, Kidderminster and Derby have now to come to a close,  The zombies have been wiped [...]

Zombies are coming… ScareCombat

By |April 4th, 2016|Events|

For 2016 we are teaming up with Events2scare to bring you some very scary events bring the technology of iCombat to the awesome make up and [...]

iCombat – Drakelow Tunnels

By |April 4th, 2016|Venues|

Drakelow Tunnels are a former Top Secret underground military complex beneath Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire. The tunnels were built between 1941-1942 as [...]

irM4 Smart Magazines

By |April 4th, 2016|tech|

The irM4 smart mag acts as the brain of the system allowing the irM4 to fire.  It also keeps track of your ammunition and also [...]

Mature adaptation of a childhood laser tag experience

By |April 4th, 2016|Uncategorised|

Laser Tag!!!!! Whooo!!! Who remembers the good old days when laser tag was at its height? ok the equipment was a little on the [...]

Milsim or just Spray and pray?

By |April 1st, 2016|Uncategorised|

At iCombat UK, we are here to ensure our customers  experience a day which is suited to their needs.   Many consumers enjoy the good spray [...]

Why iCombat?

By |March 5th, 2016|Uncategorised|

I can go to Paintball, so why choose iCombat? Lets do a fair comparison, beginning with Paintball A great pastime which still has a large [...]

iCombat – Dana Prison

By |March 4th, 2016|Venues|

Immersive Events and iCombat UK are pleased to bring you Operation Cellblock. The UKs first laser combat event running in a real life prison. No [...]

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