Immersive Events and iCombat UK are pleased to bring you Operation Cellblock.

The UKs first laser combat event running in a real life prison. No imitations, fake sets, or false scenes, just real life beds, bars and barracks. HMP Shrewsbury (the Dana) is one of the oldest prisons in the country originally build in 1793. Consisting of 4 prison wings, 194 cells, Healthcare, offices, a maze of corridors and hallways, education units, workshops, chapel and visits. A fantastic setting combined with realistic tactical weaponry and strong gameplay scenarios makes Operation Cellblock the UKs most sought after laser combat event.

Teams will undergo missions throughout a 4-acre prison playing a range of scenarios including, Medic, Survivor, Retrieval, Hostage and our trademark game – Cellblock.

As an introduction to the iCOMBAT technology, we will be running 1 hour 30 min sessions, consisting of at least 4 games played. Upon arrival you will receive tactical training, weaponry, ammunition and be separated into your teams. Games last from 15 minutes to over a 30 minutes, played within the prison, starting with short tactical games to get you used to the environment and weapons system.

The iCOMBAT systems are modelled after real-world weapons. Their size, form, and function are just like the real thing, this means your slings, sights, stocks, and other add-ons attach seamlessly.

Load up and pull the trigger for a live bang, recoil, and bright muzzle flash. Out of ammo? Drop the magazine and slam a new one home ‘BOOM’!

The system fires an eye safe laser meaning no eye or face protection is needed resulting in no fogging of goggles or glasses. Use clear vision and your gun sights to locate and take down your target

The weekends sessions start at 12pm, 2pm or 4pm, on Saturday 23rd April and Sunday 24th April. Price is £20 per person, a FANTASTIC introduction rate, which includes entry, tactical training, game play, all your ammunition and hot refreshments throughout the event, meaning there no hidden costs.