The irM4 smart mag acts as the brain of the system allowing the irM4 to fire.  It also keeps track of your ammunition and also stores the CO2 cartiridge which gives you the all important “Bang Bang”..

Theres no cheesy electronic sounds, or a big Lego reload button its as near to the real thing as you can get without spending several years At Her Majesty’s pleasure or being shot by one or more of our boys in blue.   The mags are the same size and weight as their counterparts, same procedure is required to change magazines, pop the spent mag out, slap in a new one and a quick pull of the charging handle, and to be honest there’s nothing like fumbling around trying to quietly change magazines while your enemy has just spotted you you pull the trigger when out of ammo! argghhhh..

Smart mags will retain an ammo count so in our MILSIM senarios we can set magazines to standard 30 rounds, making you think about your shot as opposed to playing GhostBusters and spraying the other team in a hail of fire..

As standard out magazines are set to 150 rounds, however if you enjoy the standard iCombat events keep a eye out for the Milsim events where we reset the system and dip our toes in real world senarios….  we still provide lunch but you carry it with you from the off..   no breaks.. no toilet paper… real world gaming…