Laser Tag!!!!! Whooo!!!

Who remembers the good old days when laser tag was at its height? ok the equipment was a little on the “Lego” side and yes you could always cheat by crouching up and hiding your sensors by running around like something reminiscent of a “Hunch Back Of Notre Damn” character.

Those were the days, £5 for 15 mins of fun… and then showing off at the end when your name is at the top of the leader board.. Well all good things fade away, maybe it was due to us getting older starting off running around with sticks in the local woodland to moving on to laser tag and then finally  replacing  running around with “Virtual Reality” headsets which to be fair were pretty good even back then.

We simply grew up a little, not too much but enough to hand in our membership cards and swapping sooty shooty  for a round of drinking  in the local or a new games console, which ever way you were pulled away from Laser Tag there is hope..

iCombat brings us what we always wanted, a system that looks like the real thing, doesn’t have wires hanging off them and software and tech that really gives you that wow feeling. And now at a rip old age we can relive those hazy days of the 90’s,  for me It was looking like a extra out of Waynes World but coming up with the goods when it came to the leader board.

iCombat has all the things you love about laser-tag expect its a bit more than flashing lights and colourful led patterns, with the irM4 you have recoil, muzzle flash and magazine reloading just like the real thing, pull out an empty and wack in a new one!

So lets see some of you 40+ year olds relive your youth, with some amazing settings like an HM Prison or an old Nuclear Bunker you have iCombat on your doorstep so come and stick a toe in the door, lets see you at the top of the leader board.