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We believe if your going to play, you may as well play in some great venues.. Prisons, Nuclear Bunkers.. and it doesnt stop there.. live action zombies and escape and evade.

Helpful Marshalls

The beauty about iCombat UK is that your not left by yourself if you don’t want to be, our Marshalls play with you and keep you on your toes.. no yellow jackets for us.

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With our membership save ££££’s on your gaming, get exclusive access to events only open to seasoned players.. Play your cards right you may even be tapped for Marshall duty!


We love airsoft, and many of us still play..  your welcome to come come in your kit but its not mandatory.  We will not allow you to bring any pyros or laser pointing equipment though..
We usually kick off around 9.30am, however be sure to check the times on the event bychecking out the event page.  We are usually out of the venue between 4.45pm and 5.30pm.
We have the facility to upgrade your armour, offer heavier virtual rounds but in the interest of a level playing field these options may not be available based on the amount of new players on any given event.
iCombat UK is a lot safer than paintball or airsoft, however due to the weight and size of the equipment used we expect that only players as old as 14 years old are allowed to play but under 16 year old must be accompanied by a supervising adult whom will be a paid player too.
Absolutely not, at the beginning of each game you are given 2 or more magazines that hold upto 150 rounds..  This is no spray and pray, games are played over some distance, and games can last between 20 minutes and upto a hour for normal gaming. Milsim games can take all day with no time limit!
Our website will list every event,  our own iCombat UK events and events in which we utilised the iCombat equipment in some form like the Zombie events.   Simply check the calendar at the top of the page and book online.   Their are limited spaces for these events so be sure to book early.
As we offer limited spaces due to the amount of equipment available discounts are looked at on a case by case basis.  If work within the  emergency services or have or are currently serving in the HM forces we would offer a small discount.
To be honest no one goes away from an event without feeling a little worn down.  Thats about how painful it is..  Expect to be on your feet for several hours, while some players are light on their feet there’s minimal physical requirements to play.    For those who like a bit of hurt we will introduce the shock belt into some games so if your brave let us slap a belt on you for a capture the flag game 🙂
All our members are logged on our backoffice system, each member has a membership code that is used at order level and can only be used once per event.   If you have lost your code simply get in touch on Facebook or on this site and we can ensure you get access to the details you need.    Members will also have access to their profile on this site…
We are happy for you to use mounted small cameras such as Gopros and alike however larger digital cumbersome cameras are not allowed in the game areas unless authorised by an attending Marshall.
If you are late to an event we will check periodically for people before we start the days gaming.  However if you are super super late not to worry we can also check for a short time at the beginning of the day,  so if you are going to be late phone the contact number shown on your event booking and we will be sure to check for you.
Yes of course, the events are unisex..
A days event starts at between £50 & £70 based on the venue,  special events can be between £20 and  £300 based on the individual event as some games within a full days gaming can be attended if enough spaces are available.  Please ensure you read each events details for a break down of prices.
Like we said beforehand we come from both paintball and airsoft businesses, we love both. However we believe in giving the customer a better overall experience and you average panitball or airsoft day comes in at near £50-£60 per day based on purchase of ammo and equipment rental..  On average 30mins laser tag comes in at £15…  so spending all day would cost you £110!! so we are still value for money and we wil be sure you will come back for more.



  • Includes Membership
  • Access To All Events 
  • Free Parking Pass*
  • 25% Discount on game days
  • Zeroing Time Allowed
  • Marshall Training 
  • Access To Upgrades


  • Includes Membership
  • Access To All Events 
  • Equipment Assignment*
  • 30% Discount on game days
  • Zeroing Time Allowed
  • Marshall Training 
  • Access To Upgrades


  • Includes Membership
  • Access To All Events 
  • 30% off extra Game days
  • 1 Game day Per Month*
  • Zeroing Time Allowed
  • Marshall Training 
  • Access To Upgrades


Ready to join the ranks and become a virtual soldier? get in touch.. if you are interested in bringing a group of people to one of our events talk to us today.

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