At iCombat UK, we are here to ensure our customers  experience a day which is suited to their needs.   Many consumers enjoy the good spray and pay, however our Locations determine that although it may be spray and pray the adrenaline rush that these locations help produce ensure our customers come back for more and when we say more.. we mean turning it up a gear.

With the iCombat irM4 and smart mags we have the ability to do the most realistic Milsim (Military simulations) games…  30 round magazines, Field medics, Support gunners, Snipers and even down to equipping the guys with virtual Kevlar or infact we can take it away.

Having the ability to tweak the credentials of a load out can lead to exciting and adrenaline rushed experience without sometimes even firing a virtual round.

Our operation briefings are taliored even down to the comms we send to the team are sent via Military grade tablet devices which will update with Mission parameters via radio access codes for their next objective.  Interactive intel can be gained from operational areas which can lead into extra support if needed in the field.

The rush you get when deactivating a dirty bomb while under suppresive enemy fire is an adrenaline rush that will be talked about in the pub for years to come, im no SAS type lol far from it, however when having a few drinks with the lads and talking about the rush we had completing this task is a memory never forgotten.

So why would you want to be a virtual soldier?

We take our hats off to the military and appreciate what they do here as well as overseas.  I always wanted to join the Army however I but missed my window, (yeah kids and mortage does that to you).

But all in not lost, the Mrs may put the kibosh on your TA aspirations but iCombat UK allows you to at-least be able to understand the tactics of military engagement, ok online games is still fun however getting off the couch and into the game really adds the sense of realism and can only take me where I always wanted to be.

So come join the iCombatUK team, start as spray and pray then up you game on strict Milsim events. Doing all this in a 4 milles of a old nuclear bunker, or a fully functional prison simply adds another layer to the experience.