iCombat is very mobile, this means that we can move our kit to any venue around the UK, so what dos this mean for you guys.   Well as we are mobile we can visit some of the best venues in the UK that means you get to play in a old Nuclear bunker and a full kitted out town in Redhill. Many more to come in 2017.


New for 2017  A premium 6000 sq ft gaming venue located in the centre of Glasgow.  Tactical missions including Breach and hostage rescue scenarios.
2 hour sessions by pre booking. Call 0141 442 0065 for more information.


Drakelow Tunnels was decommissioned in the early  90’s and was up to that point top secret since. With over 3.5 miles of tunnel systems to explorer and play in some lit some not, its a great venue for some great gameplay. And by the way its haunted too.

Premium Venues

We believe if your going to play, you may as well play in some great venues.. Prisons, Nuclear Bunkers.. and it doesnt stop there.. live action zombies and escape and evade.

Helpful Marshalls

The beauty about iCombat UK is that your not left by yourself if you don’t want to be, our Marshalls play with you and keep you on your toes.. no yellow jackets for us.

Join As A Member

With our membership save ££££’s on your gaming, get exclusive access to events only open to seasoned players.. Play your cards right you may even be tapped for Marshall duty!


Ready to join the ranks and become a virtual soldier? get in touch.. if you are interested in bringing a group of people to one of our events talk to us today.

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Come along for a taster at one of our open days, check out the equipment and the venues for a 20 minute taster*