I can go to Paintball, so why choose iCombat?

Lets do a fair comparison, beginning with Paintball

A great pastime which still has a large following in the UK, much better markers have been developed over the years but still quite rare to see the newer tech in a standard paintball field.

Paintball in its hayday was amazing however it got diluted over the years and fields started to open up in any woodland. This is where in our opinion Paintball started to decline. The original adrenaline rush got more watered down from a gaming day to more of a cattle market where anyone walked through the doors and fields began to host over 100 players, however this had an effect where some sites lost their way and the love for the customer. It was more about selling the paintballs and promoting the spray and pray type gaming.

Speaking honestly this didnt happen on all sites but the model for business did raise a few eyebrows and instead of Paintball flourishing it has got very dilluted along the way.

So the average cost for a player on a gaming day at an average Paintball site is as follows.

Entry fee with Lunch provided, a Tippman 98 marker, ammo belt coveralls, mask and 100 paintballs, so not bad start for £5

Pyro if over 18’s is around £3 per distraction/smoke grenade and then £5 for a paint grenade, so lets say 2 smoke grenades and 2 paint grenades (£16)

Marker upgrade to something like a Sierra One marker looks like an M4 is around £15 (£15)

Now the 100 ammo you got with your entry fee will on average last less than 1 game, so you will need to buy more ammo to enjoy the rest of the day or start using harsh language at the opposition, however it wont take anyone out of the next game and maybe make you look like an idiot. (based on 1000 extra ammo for the day) around £6.99 per 100 when bought in bulk (£69.99)

Some of the game scenarios are mixed bag of fun and not so fun and also if your shot your out, so you could be waiting around doing nothing until the game finishes.

You have to wear a mask due to Health and safety and can be a pain as they do fog up as you are running around, also getting hit by Paintballs does sting (personally I like this) plus if a big lad like me wearing ammo belts can be a pain. i.e they not designed for big fellas like me.

Plus one of the issues with Paintball is headshots dont count (Yes H&S and all that but come on I shot him in the noggin)

Cheating does take place (peeps do try to rub paint off and yes marshalls sometimes dont see it, so this can bring on RAGE lol)

So lets Some it up..

£5 Entry
£16 on pyro (optional)
£15 upgrade (optional)
£69.99+ for 1000 ammo (You may require more dependant on how trigger happy you are)

On average around £101 for a standard days Paintball gaming.

Now lets look at iCombat

iCombat was developed as a Military/law enforcement training aid and has been widely used in the USA with a lot of agencies and is the preferred training aid based on how the system replicates the real hardware without the danger of taking a life. The technology has now grown into the leisure industry and is now being used in the UK.

First off, no its not simple Laser Tag, the iCombat technology we call MSLT Military Spec Laser Tag as its exactly that.

No cheating, yes you heard it.. iCombat system is cheat proof if you are shot the computer knows and the irM4 shuts down so you cant fire no more. (however there is a dying man timer that allows a certain amount of trigger action)

Theres scant need for protective glasses or masks as the iCombat system uses eye safe laser technology so no projectiles are being fired. The irM4 modelled on the popular rifle, its an eye popping replica of the real deal, has the full weight, recoil, muzzle flash etc just like the real world equivalent.

The iCombat system can be used to represent different type scenarios for tactical gaming, limits can be put on magazine ammunition, add kevlar to a player to take extra hits, set up a support gunner which has full automatic fire and larger capacity magazines. And one of the best elements is the facility to make players into medics so they can bring downed players back into the game. The technology and the ICE software does it all at the click of a button.

So many different types of gaming, so either to suit customers who want just death match or players who want a Milsim event with added tactical elements. The possibilities are endless.

The cost for the day is around £70 this includes lunch, irM4 rifle, Red Dot scope, 2 Smart magazines (reloaded each game), Tactical Assault vest and as I mentioned unlimited ammo throughout the day.

Thats it folks thats the cost, no hidden extras like ammo etc, £70 is what you pay and you get the full immersive experience set in some of the most premier locations in the UK.

Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster.

Set in 4 miles of under ground tunnels used previously as a Nuclear bunker built during World War 2.

Dana HMP Prison, Shrewsbury

Set in a recently closed Prison facility, which is fully operational (minus the inmates of course)

Oh and did I forget, no I didnt. We also have the optional shock belt facility, so if you enjoy the hits like paintball like I do, then you will enjoy the shocks the belts provide. A must try for those tempted. Good news its optional 😀

So have a look at iCombatUK facebook page and explorer the website more, any questions you may have the guys will no doubt be able to answer, So when you looking to get the lads or girls together remember its not your typical Paintball event… theres a new guy in town which turns Paintball on its head.

Give it a go you wont be disappointed.